About us

The Humber Recovery College helps empower individuals by using an educational model to promote hope, control and opportunity and good

mental well-being.


Supporting Individuals to recognize their own resourcefulness, talents and abilities in order to support them with knowledge and provide useful tools enabling them to become experts in their own self-care.

Recovery College in Context

The concept of ‘recovery’ was developed by the Psychiatric Survivor Movement (a diverse group of individuals who access or have accessed mental health services or who consider themselves survivors of psychiatric interventions) during the 1990s to challenge psychiatry and the oppression they experienced within clinical mental health services and society.


The approach they developed, instead, promotes taking control of ones person-led mental health care. It challenged the prescriptive frameworks and attitudes while fighting for rights protection/advocacy and support of others in similar situations. This approach is now championed by progressive mental health teams as a quality, holistic approach to good mental health care.


Moving away from the clinical/medical model, the recovery approach is about crafting a meaningful life for yourself, reaching goals as defined by you, recognizing that mental health recovery is a journey and so is not about ‘getting better’. In the recovery community, people from all backgrounds are encouraged to share their experiences and support others going through similar things.

Recovery Approach


Recovery College courses are free and open to people over the age of 18 who live in Hull and East Riding area and feel they may benefit from the courses offered. Our courses focus on Mental Health Recovery, but all courses are open to Humber NHS Trust Service Users, their carers, enablers, families and friends, Trust Staff, and beyond!


To be eligible all you really need is to be willing to give it a go!

Health and Safety

Student and Staff health and safety is of paramount importance within the Recovery College and all our venues.


Fire safety instructions will be given at the start of a course or workshop and all our staff are trained in Basic Life Support and First Aid. You are responsible for the safety of your own belongings when attending Recovery College courses– please keep any valuable items with you at all times as the Recovery College and the Humber NHS Foundation Trust cannot accept responsibility.


We offer a range of courses aimed at people who have or have not experienced mental health challenges. Our courses provide students with strategies & techniques that can be taken away and used in their everyday lives as a way to promote self-management.


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Our Challenges

The challenge for  the Humber Recovery  College & mental health services is to assist people in this journey.


This requires us to move beyond a narrow focus on symptom reduction to helping people to rebuild lives that they find satisfying, meaningful and valued.

Real Choices The Humber Recovery & Wellbeing College supports and empowers individuals to make their own choices about how they want to lead their lives and acknowledges choices need to be meaningful and creatively explored. It supports individuals to build on their strengths and take as much responsibility for their lives as they can as well as ensuring that there is a balance between duty of care and support for individuals to take positive risks and make the most of new opportunities
Learning Support

We aim to provide an accessible and inclusive learning environment for all our students at all our venues, which are wheelchair friendly. Please let us know in advance of attending your course if you have additional needs and we will do our best to support you.


Some courses may require a certain level of ability or means to engage, but these will be explained within individual course descriptions and on enrolment.