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Living with Dementia (Wendy Mitchell)

'I know that by sharing I can change minds, i can shift the images instilled in people's minds of what it's like to have dementia'


Wendy was diagnosed with young onset dementia on the 31st July 2014 at the age of 58 years old.

She retired early from the NHS having worked as a non-clinical team leader for 20 years.  Post-diagnosis, she was shocked by the lack of awareness, both in the community and clinical world, so she now spends all of her time travelling around the country raising awareness and encouraging others to embrace her passion for research.


All are welcome (including healthcare professionals or those with dementia in their lives) to this workshop with Wendy Mitchell, author of Sunday Times Bestseller Somebody I Used To Know , who also lives with dementia, and the Trusts Research and Development Team. This workshop explores ways people with dementia can live well and be better supported and how they, and those who support them (families, friends, volunteers and healthcare staff), can help contribute to improvements in healthcare, treatment and support. People report this helps them feel valued and gives them a sense of purpose and hope for the future. Discussion will be encouraged to share good ideas for living as well as possible with dementia, which means everyone can take away ideas to help them day to day. Examples of ways you can get involved and share your experiences will be also be introduced.


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