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Man Stuff Season

When looking at the data from last term, we noticed that we have twice as many women attending our courses than we do men. We want more men to join our caring and supportive Recovery College community, which is why we have committed to providing male-orientated courses, workshops, tasters and groups in safe, male-only spaces. We hope that by encouraging men to talk to each other over shared interests it will help them feel less alone and discover that they don’t have to ‘man up’ to be a top bloke!

The Man Stuff Team invite you to try some martial arts, have a kick about (despite being rubbish at it), play games, admire football strips, talk tech, meditate, admire nature and much, much more.

Simply enrol onto them like any other course.


Further details on all of these courses, workshops and groups can be found within the main course description pages.

Boxing for Health – Build up your confidence and let off some steam with Acho for these 2 male-only sessions (…did we mention Acho is a Shaolin disciple? He might even teach you some moves...). If you like it, you can then join up to the free weekly gym sessions there

Tech Stuff – The Recovery College resident whizz kids Michael and Acho invite students to bring their tech (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) and learn how to get the most out of them. There will also be desktop computers available (and a PlayStation) to do your own thing and develop your techy skills whether you’re afraid of the mouse or a master programmer.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) Flamborough Day Trip – Join Andy from the YWT and Les on a fantastic day out to Flamborough. A great spot for birdwatching and soaking up the best nature has to offer. Students must be physically able to walk long distances and climb steep steps unaided.


One Man’s Struggle to Play Footy Despite Being Useless At It – Join Mike in a series of monthly anecdotal chats (and potential kick-abouts so wear your trainers) about the benefits of getting up off the sofa and doing a bit of physical exercise before allowing the conversation to flow to wherever it goes. Mike will also tell you how to get involved with the Humber Teaching NHS Trust football team (who play in the East Riding County FA’s Inclusion League).


Meditation and Tai Chi Taster Combo Session – Find your inner Zen with Acho for this relaxing two hour session. If you like it, you can then enrol onto Acho’s weekly sessions.

Three Lions on a Shirt – Les, Founding Editor of Hull City Kits, invites you to join him in exploring the history of England’s national teams playing kits across two 90 minute sessions.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) East Park Nature Walk – Come along and explore the local wildlife with Andy from the YWT before having a chat over a cuppa at the East Park Café.