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Resilience: Developing Connections

4 modules

This course, which is the third in the Resilience series, looks at how connecting to - and being kind to - your authentic self, others and the wider world can strengthen resilience.

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Course overview

Using the wisdom and expertise of our facilitators, volunteers and students with lived experience, in combination with tips from mental health professionals, the content of this educational course is a self-guided exploration into approaches surrounding self-care, resilience and coping strategies. These three overarching topics are very closely interlinked as they support and are informed by one another – as there is a lot to cover though, we have split these up into three smaller companion ‘Resilience’ courses.

This course, which is the third in this series, looks specifically at how connecting to and being kind to your authentic self, and connecting with the world others, can strengthen resilience.

This series has been written with the idea that coping well in times of stress results from small, combined acts of preventative care. Coping strategies describe the things you do in times of distress to help cheer yourself up, calm yourself down or distract yourself entirely in an attempt to slow the descent, lessen the intensity or save yourself entirely from a big mental crisis.

It may be helpful to complete the other companion courses ‘Resilience: Understanding Coping Strategies and Self Care’ and ‘Resilience: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ before undertaking this course as it will give you the grounding and understanding to approach the topics covered in this course in a more meaningful and effective way

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