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Art Circle


Wellbeing through Art. Art Circle now available.

This relaxed and informal creative art space invites students to work with your own arts materials or on your projects whilst chatting to other creatives in this informal, unstructured, participant-led virtual session. You can use this space to look for creative advice, find inspiration and feedback from your peers, as well as simply using the opportunity to dedicate some time each week to nurture your creativity.

This is a flexible, student-led and loosely structured weekly course, but rest assured! Knowledgeable tutors are on hand to support the development of practical skills, to help build confidence and to bounce ideas off. Since students independently choose what to do each week there is the potential to explore things like drawing, collage, painting, crafting… the list is endless! 

How to Enrol.

If you are new to the recovery college and would like to join our online Art Circle classes, simply register with us by clicking this link: Register Now or the SIGN IN on our home page.

Once registered you will be able to access our library of recovery based e-learning courses and live courses and workshops.

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