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Tai Chi


Tai Chi for Health and Wellbeing.

Tai Chi is an art and an exercise from ancient China. Today, most people practice Tai Chi because of its near-magical health and relaxation benefits.

Suitable for almost anyone, Tai Chi places great emphasis on bringing harmony between the inner and outer self through integration of the mind and body. The flowing movements unlock powerful inner strength – the power for healing and wellness

Over 500 medical studies show that Tai Chi improves many aspects of health, from calming the mind to reducing high blood pressure, improving immunity, improving balance and preventing falls, relieving arthritis pain, helping people with heart conditions and diabetes, and much more. Most importantly, Tai Chi brings a general sense of well-being.

Tai Chi movements are slow and mindful, which gently stretch the joints and muscles of the entire body, strengthening them from inside out.

Good body posture is shown by studies to make you feel more positive. The Tai Chi training of weight transference improves balance and prevents falls. The internal training of opening the joints and quieting the mind leads to serenity and develops mental strength.

Modern life has become quite unnatural - too much stress, we move too fast. We need the mindfulness to relax, repair and rebalance our body and mind. With Tai Chi, you'll find how much your body and mind will enjoy going back to nature.

How to Enrol.

If you are new to the recovery college and would like to join our online Tai Chi classes, simply register with us by clicking this link: Register Now or the SIGN IN on our home page. 

Once registered you will be able to access our library of recovery based e-learning courses and live courses and workshops.

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