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Yoga for Health


Live Yoga Classes with the Recovery College. 

The Humber Recovery College is proud to introduce weekly Yoga classes accessible through our online learning platform. Join us with empowering coping strategies for mental and physical well-being through Yoga. It’s FREE! And anyone can take part regardless of age, fitness, ability, or mobility.

Why are these sessions of benefit?

Sometimes we want to participate in Yoga, but it doesn't feel safe but through a gentle choice-based practice, focusing on sensations, you are welcome to investigate how Yoga shapes can work for you, connecting and re-connecting mind with body aided by a practitioner, Tristessa Moore, who is a registered certified Yoga Therapist (CNHC) and in Trauma-sensitive Yoga.

Yoga has also been proven to reduce stress, and pain, and help those with Chronic and Inflammatory Health conditions.

How to Enrol.

If you are new to the recovery college and would like to join our online Yoga classes, simply register with us by clicking this link: Register Now or the SIGN IN on our home page.

Once registered you will be able to access our library of recovery based e-learning courses and live courses and workshops. 

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