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Meet Ryan! Our first marketer - Q&A.


By Ryan (oddly)

Tell us about your previous experience.

"In my role prior to this, I was working in the community as a support worker, supporting individuals coming from secure settings (inpatient and prison settings) to regain their independence back in the community. I studied Psychology at university and have spent some of my free time working on some digital projects of my own - particularly with visual and virtual entertainment, such as films, TV, gaming, and so on."

What was it about the Recovery College that interested you?

"I had heard some great things about the team, and the values of how a Recovery College works suits my views on recovery well. By that I mean I am a strong believer that recovery comes from an individual being part of something that motivates them (community energy), having the opportunity to take charge of their recovery journey (free-to-access at any time), and being empowered to take control of it themselves (a self-paced, non-linear journey)."

Is there anything you do daily that helps your wellbeing?

"My wellbeing has always, and probably will always be, largely dependent on exercise. I love playing football, going for a wander after work, or even something like a YouTube follow-along video for stretch routines (shout-out, 'the Bodyweight Warrior', Tom Merrick on YouTube). I like to do at least one of those a day for 15-minutes minimum. It adds some routine and makes me feel good about myself. I have always loved a gaming session too, particularly with friends. I think it is either the working towards a common goal or competing against each other that takes my mind off everything else."

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

"I am looking forward to getting creative, keeping up with the constantly changing and challenging trends of social media, and learning about a new discipline in marketing! Trying to show as many people as possible how fantastic of a platform the Recovery College is and trying to get people involved in co-producing that fantastic content - it will be an achievement that I will be dead-proud of. Interacting with the students online, and soon enough face-to-face, as well as current and future partners is something that I don't think will feel much like 'work' - and that's the goal."

Ryan will be helping the Humber Recovery and Wellbeing college to grow its online presence, and to aid the college in creating opportunities for our community of students to become more involved with the college. If you are interested, drop any of our Twitter or Facebook pages a message, or send an email to

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