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Get involved with the Recovery Club Podcast.


By Ryan

The Recovery Club Podcast uploaded its first episode on November 15th - The Road to Recovery. Since then, it has uploaded an episode on addiction, and an episode on Christmas time. These episodes have been co-produced by many people; Recovery College practitioners, volunteers and students, external professionals, and peer support workers. To say there are only three episodes on the platform so far, it is fantastic to look back and see how many people have come together to produce this free-to-access content. The Recovery Club has approximately eight other episodes already in the works at different stages too - pre-planning, awaiting recording session, awaiting editing, or to be uploaded. Those involved so far have done a fantastic job, but we have barely scratched the surface of what this podcast can do. Not to mention, some of the projects in the works are bangers.

We would love for you to be involved. We need more hands-on the podcast to drive the quality of it up, but we also need help with editing, hosting, research, making connections, and beyond for the Recovery Club Podcast to pick up some momentum.

There are no demands placed on you, and you decide your soft deadlines (super soft deadlines, no excuses required if something is not done at the time you said it would be, and we would always be there to support you if something came up - life happens). Any contributions can be flexible around your studies, work-life, or just life in general. You also get to decide what you want to do. If you just want to attend the weekly Podcast Working Group to help cultivate If you just want some experience with Our only goal in this is to continue to see the Recovery Club grow by bringing people together on this project.

This goes out to everyone too - any experience you have with mental health, lived or professional, will influence your contribution and we encourage that, but experience is far from compulsory. We want the help of anyone passionate enough to want to get involved.

If any of this is making you think "yeah, that sounds like a bit of me", or if you need any further information, then drop us an email at

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