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Arts Circle

Microsoft Teams
Tuesday 28th September

Calling all artists, designers, writers and dreamers! Grab a brew and some materials and let's get creative together!

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Session overview

Work with your own arts materials or on your projects whilst chatting to other creatives in this informal, unstructured, participant-led virtual session. You can use this space to look for creative advice, find inspiration and feedback from your peers, as well as simply using the opportunity to dedicate some time each week to nurture your creativity.

During these live sessions you are free to get on creating whatever you want - you may want to draw, doodle, paint, write, sculpt, craft... or just have a natter over a cup of tea! You don't need to show what you're working on or anything either (your wonderful company is enough).

Over time, participants may want to teach or share techniques to others within the group or work on collaborative art projects (support to do so is available)... let's see what happens!

These sessions can be compared to the 'Wellbeing Through Creativity' sessions the College was able to facilitate pre-COVID.

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