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Be a student with us! The easiest way to get involved is to dive into our courses, workshops and learning opportunities and engage with something that sounds interesting.

You can access courses and book onto sessions by self-enrolling via

As a student, you’ll also occasionally get surveys and invitations to get involved in other ways to help shape the direction of the College.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to share your skills and expertise by participating in the College. If you are interested in any of the following, let us know by emailing us at or by giving us a ring on 0800 9177752.

Course Development

Do you have some lived experience wisdom to share? Possess some expertise around a certain subject or topic? Want to share your passions with other people?

The Recovery College wouldn’t be a Recovery College if people didn’t come forwards and work towards producing and delivering new courses.

If you would like to actively develop a course - whether you’re a student of ours, a health and social care professional or a community organisation - the first step is to let us know by emailing or phoning us.

We will then have a chat with you and help make a plan of action. We can offer a range of guides and templates, provide practical support and help you get in touch with other collaborators.

Recovery Club

Would you like to be a guest speaker on a podcast, or be part of its production crew?

This is a weekly podcast session which aims to inclusively discuss recovery, mental health and the things we find important. People can choose to interact directly with speakers through a video link or simply kick back with a brew and watch the conversation live. These conversations are then turned into podcast episodes.

Guest speaking: Want to talk about your experiences? Are you really knowledgeable about something? Do you have a community-based opportunity you want to share?

Production crew: Co-production is at the heart of everything we do, and decision-making around this podcast needs to be shared. This includes deciding on who appears as a guest, the direction of conversation and actively shaping how we collaboratively present the podcast online (i.e. imagery, jingles, audio editing). Would you like to be an active part of this informal production crew?

Experience Bank

Would you like to share your story? Have some helpful advice relating to a condition or specific experience?

This a digital bank of original written / audio-visual personal stories and other course content that we keep safe in our internal databases. If other people create a relevant course in future, they can pull content out from the Experience Bank and include it in the course.

This enables you to contribute your valuable expertise, or personal story, to a course without the commitment of being involved in creating one from start to finish.

Recovery Steering Group

Would you like to affect local mental health services and guide how Recovery is done, both in and outside of the College?

Meeting four times a year, this group shapes, directs and offers advice on everything recovery-focused in the Trust, as well as being invited to work co-productively on various initiatives. This includes what Recovery College courses get developed, making sure the Trust’s Recovery Strategic Framework 2021-26 comes to fruition and making decisions that direct local Trust mental health services.

Reviewing Content

Would you like to independently assess, evaluate or add to any of our existing courses, workshops or learning opportunities?

You know when you’ve looked at the same thing for so long you no longer ‘see’ it? That’s why we invite people to independently review, assess and/or tweak things so that the College continues to improve by making content and resources better, more inclusive and more comprehensive. We aim to review content annually (where appropriate) yet would love to have your direction with this.

If you would like to approach something with a critical eye and share your opinions and recommendations with us, please do so!


Would you like to be part of the team in a more formal capacity as a Trust volunteer?

Do you have skills, knowledge or experience that you’d like to share in a more formal capacity with us? Would you like to develop new skills or get some work experience?

We’re always welcoming volunteers into the team, and we’re very flexible in accommodating your skills and supporting your development goals.

Here are just some of the things you might like to do:

  • Creating co-produced courses, workshops or learning opportunities
  • Tutoring
  • Peer Supporting
  • Leading a peer-led initiative (e.g. student union, coffee groups, student society)
  • Admin
  • Social Media and Communications
  • Media Production (i.e. podcasting, filming, video editing, interviewing)

Facilitated by the Trust’s Voluntary Services, you will get a free DBS check, training and support, as well as be part of a fantastic Humber volunteer community. You can choose to volunteer solely with us, or share your skills elsewhere within certain teams, on wards, in the community, supporting with admin work or as a driver.

You can learn more about being a Trust volunteer, including how to express your interest, by clicking here.