In Crisis?

9 modules

This course explores the power of storytelling and helps you to reflect upon and structure your own shareable personal stories.

Telling Your Story

We all have a powerful story to tell. From the very big sagas to the very small moments, there is always something to learn from lived experiences. Stories are a foundation of civilisation because they help to make sense of our own experiences and understand the perspectives of others.

This course has been written to help you think about your own experiences to develop an engaging real-life story.
This structured story can be shared later as a digital story, written/illustrated account or in preparation for delivery in a live setting. This might be your ‘Recovery Story’, but could be a story about whatever feels most important for you to share.
This course explores the power and history of storytelling and the place of Recovery stories, before guiding you through preparing, shaping, breathing life into and tweaking your story. This course also includes a module about supporting others in crafting their story.

Even though you don’t have to share your experiences with other people, you may find this course more beneficial when you are at a stage of your recovery journey when you can talk about your experiences.

This course prepares you for the complementary ‘Digital Storytelling’ course, which will give you the practical digital skills to share your story digitally and increase your understanding of Storytelling in Health.

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