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Sleep Awareness 1 modules Sleep- Why we need it, how to promote it, where to get help. View
Perinatal Mental Health 1 modules Perinatal Mental Health can affect everyone involved with the pregnancy and up to the baby being 1 year old. This course is designed to give you the facts and also guide you to where you can access support. View
Peer Support and Mental Health 5 modules This course will allow you to learn the core ethos and principles of Peer Support and how the role is supporting to shape and improve mental health services across the area. View
Psychosis 3 modules This course is a brief introduction to what psychosis is, and includes some videos of stories about lived experience with psychosis. View
Resilience: Developing Connections 4 modules This course, which is the third in the Resilience series, looks at how connecting to - and being kind to - your authentic self, others and the wider world can strengthen resilience. View
Resilience: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 4 modules This course - the second of three in the Resilience series - is a self-guided exploration into approaches surrounding self-care, resilience and coping strategies, specifically into how physical choices and actions surrounding movement, nutrition and relaxation can positively or negatively impact our mental and emotional resilience. View
Patient and Carer Experience Training Programme course: How to get Involved in Trust Activities 8 modules This course introduces you to the involvement opportunities that are taking place across Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. View
Supporting Recovery 4 modules Understand how your words and behaviours can influence personal and societal attitudes to mental health recovery. View
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