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Peer Support Workers within Mental Health Fri 29th Jul This Podcast takes a look at peer support within Mental Health and asks the question "What is a Peer Support Worker?" This podcast also explores some of the benefits that Peer Support has brought to those they support, and the PSWs themselves. This Podcast also discusses how people can get into the Peer Support role and opportunities to develop within the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust.
Bad Habits at work Thu 28th Jul This is the first podcast from the Employment Advisors in IAPT. As Employment Advisors Jessica Hoad and Darren Clifford support people who are accessing Talk Therapy from the Emotional Wellbeing Service. This first podcasts discusses ‘Bad Habits at work’ and how these habits, if not addressed, can affect your employment and wellbeing. By putting a stop to these bad habits you can improve your wellbeing and prevent damaging your relationships with colleagues and customers.
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Wed 27th Jul Borderline personality disorder (BPD) also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD) can be a controversial diagnosis. People have different views on BPD/EUPD but however you understand it, and whatever terms you prefer to use (if any), the important thing to remember is that the feelings and behaviours associated with BPD/EUPD are very difficult to live with, and deserve understanding and support. In Episode 6 of the Recovery Club podcast we talk to Carol and Abbie, two ladies who have existing diagnoses of BPD. We talk stigma busting, public views around BPD, advice & support and much, much more.
Medications in Mental Health Podcast Wed 20th Jul A talk about medications in general and medications in mental Health with Alberto Ortiz Moya and Enrique Moreno (Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Information Pharmacist)
What's Your Story?: Mental Health Struggles (Episode 4) Wed 16th Mar We all have a powerful story to tell. From the very big sagas to the very small moments, there is always something to learn from lived experiences. These podcast takes a look at powerful personal stories around peoples struggles with mental health. In episode 4 of the Recovery Club podcast Lauren Saunders from Humber recovery and Wellbeing College tells us her story and her struggles with mental health.
Dealing with Christmas Thu 23rd Dec
Struggles with Addiction Wed 15th Dec Our second episode of the Recovery Club podcast takes a look at struggles with addiction. Addiction can seriously damage your work life and relationships. In the case of substance misuse (for example, drugs and alcohol), an addiction can have serious psychological and physical effects.
The Road to Recovery Mon 15th Nov In this first edition of the Recovery Club podcast, hosted by Zeenish Nasir and Oliver Peters, we discuss the concept of recovery in mental health and ask the questions - What does mental health recovery look like?

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