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Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing 2 modules - This course looks at the history and practice of tai chi and how tai chi can be used to promote mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Digital Storytelling 8 modules - This course teaches you the practical sound and video editing skills needed to digitally capture your own (or someone else’s) experiences, or Recovery Story, and turn it into a 3-5 minute sharable digital video.
Telling Your Story 9 modules - This course explores the power of storytelling and helps you to reflect upon and structure your own shareable personal stories.
Mental Health Medications 2 modules - This course looks at medications used in mental health.
Introduction to Sleep Hygiene 3 modules - This 'Introduction to Sleep Hygiene' course explores how we may manage our sleeping habits to better improve sleep quality and our overall health.
Managing Stress 11 modules - This course aims to help you understand stress, how your body reacts to it, and finding new ways that may help manage your stress.
Tree of Life 9 modules - Tree of Life is a reflective and creative exercise in exploring your own sense of identity. Who am I? What has shaped me? What is important to me? What makes me… me?
Resilience: Understanding Coping Strategies 4 modules - This course - the first of three in the Resilience series - is a self-guided exploration into approaches surrounding self-care, resilience and coping strategies, and what is meant when we use these terms in relation to managing mental and emotional distress. Trigger Warning: This course discusses self-harm and suicide.
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