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What is 'Recovery'? 6 modules - Understand what we mean when we talk about 'Recovery'.
Loss, Bereavement & Grief 7 modules - In this course we take a look at loss, bereavement and grief and how such experiences can affect us. We take a look at the signs symptoms of grief and the coping strategies that can be used.
Colour Away Today 2 modules - This short course will be introducing you to the ever growing colouring-in trend, whilst learning a few skills along the way. Colouring may not only work wonders for your mental health but offer a huge sense of community.
Debt Management 3 modules - Aimed at people who may be experiencing emotional wellbeing difficulties surrounding debt, this course will cover ways that you can independently manage your debt, exploring topics that both equip you with some tools that help record debt and offer guidance of where you can seek help and advice, helping you to begin your journey in becoming debt free.
Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing 2 modules - This course looks at the history and practice of tai chi and how tai chi can be used to promote mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Digital Storytelling 8 modules - This course teaches you the practical sound and video editing skills needed to digitally capture your own (or someone else’s) experiences, or Recovery Story, and turn it into a 3-5 minute sharable digital video.
Telling Your Story 9 modules - This course explores the power of storytelling and helps you to reflect upon and structure your own shareable personal stories.
Mental Health Medications 2 modules - This course looks at medications used in mental health.
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