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“Not about us, without us!” Learn what Coproduction is and how to do it!

What is 'Coproduction'?

The second in the 'Recovery' series, this course aims to challenge your assumptions and explain what ‘Co-production’ is – and more specifically how it is essential within Recovery at both an individual and group/organisational level. Written by and for students, carers, staff, volunteers, partners and members of the public.

You will learn about what coproduction is, what defines it and why it’s important. You’ll also learn about the ‘Ladder of Participation’, what coproduced care / projects might look like in practice and how to go about creating these coproductive opportunities.

The content of this course has been adapted from an extensive coproduced document titled ‘What do we mean we talk about Recovery?’. This practical toolkit resource directly emerged from the conversations that co-productively built the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trusts new ‘Recovery Strategic Framework 2021-26' (a roadmap outlining the Trust approach to Recovery over the next five years).

This is the second of three courses about Recovery. It is very highly suggested that if you not have completed the first course in the series, titled ‘What is 'Recovery'?', then you complete that before beginning this one. This is because key terms and ideas used within this course are explored in the that one.

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