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Debt Management

3 modules

Aimed at people who may be experiencing emotional wellbeing difficulties surrounding debt, this course will cover ways that you can independently manage your debt, exploring topics that both equip you with some tools that help record debt and offer guidance of where you can seek help and advice, helping you to begin your journey in becoming debt free.

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Course overview

The course is aimed at people who may be experiencing issues with emotional wellbeing that debt has contributed to, and looking for free support in enabling you to dealing with the debt.

Many people will try to hide debt in many ways this could be from those you love and to try to reduce your worries and concerns. It is not unheard of that many people will let letters mount up, may hide them in places such as a drawer, cupboard, under the bed.

The course begins by showing ways that you can find important information about your debts and prioritising them, It will then give information if you require urgent support and where to find this. We then move on to opening those letters and making sense of what they have recorded on them.

We then move on to recording the information that you will need when accessing the support from debt management agencies and provide detail on the places that can offer support going forward.

The aims of this course are to:

1. Raise awareness of debt management
2. Raise awareness of how you can independently prepare yourself for seeking the appropriate support.
3. Raise awareness of hidden debts
4. To allow you to see that you have support and you do not have to deal with this alone.
5. To set achievable goals.

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